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Adult Learner

students listening to a lecture

As an adult learner, you may be an experienced student or returning to learning after time away.  Boise State University offers a variety of programs tailored for adults interested in pursuing their education.  Learn more about the different programs we offer from weekend classes to degree completion by exploring the options below.

Non-Degree Seeking

If you just want to take one or two undergraduate courses of interest or you missed the undergraduate admission application deadline for the semester, you may want to apply as a Nondegree-Seeking student. The credits you earn can be applied towards a degree after changing your status to degree-seeking. Learn more about non-degree options.

First Time Degree Seeking

If you have never attended college congratulations on taking this big step! Apply for admission here.

Transferring Student

If you have already earned at least one college credit we are happy you are planning to continue your education at Boise State. Check out the admission standards and when you are ready, apply to transfer.

Second Bachelor's

We have a form you may use to request your transcript. If you have graduated with a bachelor’s degree and you would like to earn a second bachelor’s degree, you would be considered a Second Bachelor’s Degree student. Learn more about getting your second Bachelor’s degree.