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Decline or Defer Admission

Change My Semester or Defer Admissions

Spring 2018 Deadline: The deadline to move your admission to the Spring 2018 semester is Friday, January 5, 2018.

A student is only allowed to move their semester of admission forward once per application . If a student changes their semester of admission by completing a semester-switch or deferment form and then wants to move it forward again, they will need to re-apply for admission and pay another $50.00 application fee.

Decline Your Admissions Offer

If your plans have changed and you won’t be joining us at Boise State, please complete your Intent to Enroll so that we can inactivate your file.

Important: Declining your admission will also cancel your Boise State Housing application. If you have applied for on-campus housing be sure to visit the Boise State Housing website to understand any dates, fees and refunds that may be pertinent to you.