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Deferred Admission

Newly admitted freshman, transfer, or readmitted degree-seeking undergraduate students who wish to defer their semester of admission to a later academic year (more than one semester) may apply for an admission deferment. International students should contact the International Admissions Office before completing this application to discuss eligibility.

Requests to defer an offer of admission are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Students may apply for a deferral to change to a different academic year. This type of deferral may be granted for non-academic reasons including, but not limited to, pursuing a religious mission, military service, humanitarian activities or travel. Students may also request a deferral for medical or personal reasons. Supporting documentation must be provided with the application for deferment.

  1. An admission deferment *guarantees only admission into Boise State University and not necessarily admission to a particular major and/or program of study.
  2. All deferment requests must be submitted within one year of the original semester of application.
  3. An applicant approved for deferment will be required to attend a mandatory BroncoVenture Orientation session preceding enrollment.
  4. Any academic coursework attempted during the period of deferment will void a deferred admission decision.

*Students admitted off of in-progress coursework will need to provide Boise State with an official, final copy of their transcript(s), at which point the student’s semester of admission will be moved  only if the student continues to meet Boise State’s admissions standards.

Failure to meet any of these terms may result in the revocation of admission.  In such a case, an applicant will need to reapply for admission to Boise State University by the appropriate application deadlines, and will need to pay the application fee.

If you applied for on-campus housing: Boise State Housing applications can only be deferred for one semester. Students who have submitted a Boise State Housing application, and who plan on deferring their admission for more than one semester, will need to re-apply for on-campus housing before the semester they attend.

A student is only allowed to move their semester of admission forward once per application . If a student changes their semester of admission by completing a semester-switch or deferment form and then wants to move it forward again, they will need to re-apply for admission.

*Final transcripts are required from any student wanting to defer their admission who were admitted off of in-progress coursework.  Admission is only guaranteed if student continues to meet Boise State admissions standards.

Important: Students only wanting to move their semester of admission forward one semester (Spring to Summer/Fall or Summer/Fall to Spring), should complete a semester-switch request form.


Frequently Asked Questions About Deferred Admission

  • Who is eligible to apply for admissions deferment?
    • First time freshman, transfer and readmit applicants who have been admitted to Boise State University are eligible to apply. All requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • When can I apply for a deferment?
    • The Deferred Admission Request Form is available online anytime as long as it is within one year of your original semester of admission. Deferral requests should be submitted by the priority deadline of your new desired semester.
  • How many semesters can I request to defer?
    • Student requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The timeline for deferral is dependent on the reason for the deferment request, so there is not a set maximum. However, deferral requests must include supporting information that will justify the timeline for the request.
  • How do I apply for a deferment?
    • Submit the Deferred Admission Request Form to Admissions. The form (and necessary documentation) can be submitted via mail, fax or email. If your original admission decision was based on in-progress high school and/or college transcripts, you must submit final official transcripts in addition to submitting the Deferred Admission Request Form. Your deferral will be conditional until final transcripts are received.
  • Is there a deadline to apply for a deferral?
    • Deferral requests should be submitted by the priority deadline of your new desired semester.
  • If my deferment request is approved, what does that mean?
    • An approved deferment request means that the offer of admission to Boise State University will be honored for your new semester.  Direct admission to academic majors, programs with advanced standing, or placement by exam or audition will be determined by the individual department/program.  Applicants are advised to contact the department/program prior to requesting a deferment.  Please visit for department contact information.
  • I was accepted into the Honors College, will requesting a deferral impact this?
    • If you are granted a deferral of admission, please contact the Honors College directly to notify them of your new semester of attendance. You can reach them at or 208-426-1122.
  • If my deferment request is approved, will my scholarships and financial aid be deferred as well?
    • If you are granted a deferral of admission, the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office will be notified of your new intended semester of enrollment. Awarded and accepted Boise State University scholarships may be deferred until your return. The Financial Aid & Scholarships Office will e-mail you with details on your scholarship(s) and their deferral status. In the meantime, if you have specific questions about your Boise State scholarship(s), you can e-mail the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office at  Private scholarships require separate arrangements with the awarding agency. Federal financial aid is academic year specific and cannot be deferred. You will need to complete the FAFSA application for your updated academic year.
  • I am an International student who plans to attend Boise State University on a student visa, may I request deferment?
    • If your deferral is approved, you will be required to provide updated financial documentation information in order for us to issue a new I-20. You should use the Financial Documentation form found at
  • What if my deferral request is approved to attend, but I am not able to actually start at Boise State until a couple weeks into the semester?  Can I come late?
    • No, students should only request a deferral for a semester if they are able to attend courses in their entirety.
  • Who do I talk to if I have additional questions?
  • I am an enrolled student at Boise State University, can I apply for a deferment?
    • Deferment only applies to freshman, transfer and readmit applicants.  Current students remain active and eligible to enroll for two years after their last semester of enrollment. Please check your my.BoiseState account for your current status, or contact the Registrar’s Office at 208-426-4249 or


This information is subject to change without notice. Please check this page for the most up-to-date information.