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Admissions Nonresident Index Calculator

Will you be admitted to Boise State?

As a nonresident of Idaho, the Boise State Admissions Index is used to evaluate your admissibility to Boise State based on a combination of your high school GPA and ACT or SAT scores. High school graduates under the age of 21 (prior to the first day of the semester you want to attend Boise State) will be considered for admission according to Boise State’s Admission Index and can use the calculator to learn about eligibility. Since the admissions calculator is based upon self-reported information, your admissions status is contingent upon receipt of your official admission materials. The final admission determination will be based upon your cumulative, unweighted GPA as calculated by the University from official high school transcripts, and your official ACT or SAT test results. Possible candidates may submit recommendations and a personal statement for a more comprehensive review. The results of the admission calculator do not represent a binding University admission offer. The results of the admission calculator do not represent a binding University admission offer.


Please use the scales on the left to select your GPA and the highest of either your SAT or ACT score.

The GPA and test score combination you've provided is below the minimum requirement for admission to Boise State. There are, however, other avenues for attending Boise State in the future. You may choose to attend Boise State as a non-degree seeking student until you have satisfactorily completed at least 14 college-level credits, or you may attend another institution and re-apply to Boise State once you have completed 14 college-level transferable semester credits with a 2.25 GPA or better. If you would like to further discuss your options for attending Boise State, please contact the Admissions Office.Based on the information you provided, you are a potential candidate for admission. You are encouraged to submit recommendations from faculty at your school or other adults who have worked with you in a classroom setting, and provide a personal statement describing your ability to be successful in a university setting. Your application will be reviewed by an Admissions Committee.Congratulations! Based on the information you provided, you will make an excellent addition to the Bronco Family! We look forward to seeing you on campus soon!

**SAT score representing the Total Score on the Redesigned 2016 SAT exam. Although this Admissions Index Calculator only uses scores from the Redesigned SAT, scores from both the prior and redesigned versions of the SAT are accepted by Boise State. The writing portion from either version of the SAT is not used for admission or scholarship consideration.

A tool that can be used to convert test scores from the prior version of the SAT (pre-March 2016) to Redesigned SAT scores can be found on CollegeBoard’s website.

***The unweighted cumulative high school GPA is used to determine your admission eligibility.