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Boise State Admissions

When you seek the opportunities of a big city and the excitement of the great outdoors, when you push the boundaries of academics and crave the thrill of athletics, when you combine information and imagination with dreams of changing the world, and when you can float down the river and finish in four. You don’t just go to Boise State. You begin an adventure.

How to Apply

Whether you’re new to college, a transfer student, a homeschool student or an international student, Boise State wants to make it easy for you to apply. Learn about the application process, scholarships, financial aid opportunities, cost of attendance and more. Start your application today.

Important Dates and Events

Important Dates

Standard Application Date:
May 15, 2018

On-Campus Events

Discover Boise State
October 13, 2018
January 19, 2019