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Cost of Attendance for 2015-2016


This is the estimated budget used by the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office to calculate your expected costs to attend Boise State for one year. The figures provided are estimates for planning purposes only and are subject to change. (Student Health Insurance is not included.)

Idaho Resident (full time) Non Resident (full time)
One Semester Full Year One Semester Full Year
Tuition & Fees $3,438 $6,876 $10,463 $20,926
Books & Supplies $600 $1,200 $600 $1,200
Room & Board $3,783 $7,566 $3,783 $7,566
Transportation $752 $1,504 $1,074 $2,148
Personal $1,591 $3,182 $1,591 $3,182
TOTAL $10,164 $20,328 $17,511 $35,022

To see official tuition rates, per credit hour costs, additional fees and Boise State policies, please refer to the Financial Services page.  You can also use this online Cost of Attendance Estimator for more detail.